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Japan unlikely to resume import of U.S. beef until August

by John Gregerson on 5/26/2005 for Meatingplace.com

Despite mounting pressure from U.S. officials, Japan may not resume importation of American beef until August as a result of "cautiousness" on the part of some Food Safety Commission members, according to Asia Pulse.

On Tuesday, Japan's Agriculture and Health ministries submitted recommendations to the commission on conditions for resuming imports of U.S. and Canadian beef, with commission members set to begin discussing the matter as early as next week.

Discussions will likely focus on how the age of the cattle will be determined — a sticking point in U.S.-Japanese negotiations for months. The United States has proposed using production records and meat grading to verify age.

Assuming it finds these methods acceptable, the commission likely will recommend importing boneless cuts of beef from cattle 20 months of age or under that have had all specified risk materials associated with bovine spongiform encephalopathy removed.

Earlier this month, the commission recommended that the government waive BSE testing for domestic cattle under 21 months of age, a necessary step for resuming import of U.S. beef.
OK, we have another case of "pick and choose" your "SRM's of the Day". Write it down. When the press picks up on this it will not be pretty.

The vegans are chomping at the bits for info like this!