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Dale Montgomery wins again .

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Oct 5, 2007
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Central Alberta,Canada
Ben helps Dale Montgomery to a sublime sixth world stock dog title .

Congratulations to Ben and Dale :clap:

GM88 said:
Dale owns the Stampede dog trial. As a fellow competitor and friend of Dales he knows how to suck it up .

I agree, I am also the proud owner of a Tex pup :D

Need to congratulate Corey Perry as well on his Clock Stock and Barrel win with Jill .

I wish they would televise the trial, they used to . That is one of my favorite parts of the Stampede. Those dogs are brilliant !
It was streamed live on the internet but I cant seem to go back and watch it. I did not make the final this year so I left as my trailer lights were intermitent. Who is your Tex pup out of? I watched the first 5 dogs but they started late and I wanted to get out of the city before dark.
I cannot watch anything streamed on the Internet even with high speed wireless it is at a snail's pace.
Nikki is out of Kia, she is out of Gyps line we got her Dec 24th 2009. She really takes after Tex, her style and her patience ,people are pretty impressed when they see her work the cattle. She has made my life easier ,do not know what I would do without one.

Sure wish I could have been there to watch, maybe next year will work out better.

Congrats for making it into the competition GM88. I heard that the sheep were very disagreeable this year.
I had a dog bred the same way as Gyp, that was one of my best dogs. Are you going to breed this dog? The sheep were hard but I like that as they seperate the handlers, unfortunatly I got seperated.
No, she is going to be spayed ,this month actually . We are not ready to be breeders. Will leave that up to all of you :) .

We are going to get another pup from Dale and Dawn very soon though so Nikkle can have a buddy to work with . We also want to get in a few private sessions from Dale when all of us have time.

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