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Dang good poem on a quiet afternoon

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Feb 25, 2006
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Here is a poem I think is just great that is by Jack Walther from Elko County Nev. I hear he is quite the teamster. I would like to visit him out there someday.

The poem is called Ruby Mountains, but you could think of it to fit your own country as well.

Ruby Mountains by Jack Walther

I am part of this range of waving grass.
Part of the evening breeze, the gentle rains that pass.
I am the horse or range cow that moves out there so free.
Deep down within, they seem a part of me.

I am the snows on the mountain that cause the streams to flow,
Spreading out on the valley, urging the grass to grow.
The meadow in the valley, the leaves and branches of a tree,
They are more than a thing of beauty. They are part of me.

I am the buttercups blooming in the springtime,
The call of the blue grouse on the hill,
The peace and quiet of a summer night
When all the world is still.

I am the sparkling stars on a winter night,
Or a crisp cold morning sun.
I am the gurgling protesting stream,
Beneath the winter ice shall run.

The coyote that howls in the evening or the hoot owl in the wood,
I sense them stir within my soul. Deep down it feels so good.
With this all a part of me, I can never be alone.
I am the richest man on earth, for all this I own.

When this body that you see is stilled,
Stand not by my grave and cry.
When a part of all these things,
I will be renewed and shall never die.

But come out in the fresh spring grass,
See the songbird up in the tree,
Just relax, spend some time.
It is there I shall forever be.


Like they say, if you can't enjoy that poem, your wood's wet.
I am going to file that one away in my mind for a day when things aren't going so good.

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