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Data managment for cow/calf

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Apr 20, 2005
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South Dakota
Just wondering what suggestion there are out there for managment software. When we purchase something would like it to be user friendly and not so high priced that we have to give up a couple calves a year to use it. Just thought maybe someone would have an idea? Thanks
We use Cattleworks although they have went up on price since we bought it.

We use CowSense, it is not to bad to learn and use and is not that expensive. It is also handy because I can pull out info and email it as we do sire testing for the Gelbvieh assoc. and I can send all of the info to the feedlot for them to match carcass data to the correct animal
I like my neighbors system. it is easy to track, and simple to use.

he is famous for buying "last calf heifers"

one time there was a cow stuck in the mud in a canal, several local guys showed up to see if it was thiers, and the neighbor says " looks too good to be mine" and he left. so everyone else pulls her out, get her to a trailer and after cleaning her up, the brand shows it to be the guys after all.

generous soul that he is, he gives it to the guys who pulled her out, she immediatly went to the sale barn, and I think there was enough to cover fuel and supper.
I looked at the cattleworks software, and thought it looked pretty good. Downloaded a copy and I'll try it out. The price is right, anyway. I tried the cattlemax one last month, but I didn't think it allowed enough room to track extra ID info on the cows. We have cows that have multiple ID's, and need a lot of room for those. Tattoo, brisket tag, CCIA too.

I found a comparison done by the Oklahoma State University that covers quite a few programs. It would be worthwhile checking out.

Here is a new one that just came out (last fall I think). I am getting a demo, but from what I saw on the site I think I will go for it. It is a good price too. It is called Ranch Manager and has versions for sheep and goats as well as cattle.



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