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Deer frolicking in the snow - why?

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Feb 10, 2005
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South Central Sd
I am not that much up on deer yet, but I believe the rutting season is in November and fawning season is in May. I too, saw 2 large herds of deer last night on my way home fron town. Was very windy here yesterday, I think they just came out from shelter to feed in the evening after the wind went down.
If you have lots of snow they will graze the tops of ridges where it has had a chance to blow off. They start loosing their horns from Feb. on and the best place to find them is on the ridges in a snow year.
Seeing herds of deer is no big deal. You just happened to see a herd doing their thing. We see deer out here all the time, and they do their thing like cross the highway after dark and get themselves killed and trash motor vehicles! Out here, more deer get killed on the highway than what get hunted. Boy, ask me, I know from experience they do A LOT of damage to cars/pickups!!

I think the deer population is increasing, so when you see deer you think it is an exceptional event. Those of us who have to live with them don't think that, sometimes we cuss 'em because they like to eat our gardens and the hay we put up for the cows!!
You've never seen a rabbit in the snow? We have all kinds of bunnies out here, and this year must have been a good reproductive year for them because there are tons of bunnies out here! Both Jackrabbit and Cottontails. Don't know what else to tell you about the deer. We have large groups of Does and Fawns that hang around, sometimes in bunches as large as 30.
On the place we leased in Johnson County. Wyoming we had lots of irrigated hay meadows. In the fall, AT LEAST 500 deer would come out on those meadows to graze. It was something!! We let handicapped people from town in to hunt them because A.)we were close to town, B) it was easy for them to bag one.

500 deer can do a LOT of damage.
Has anyone ever heard of laying wire fencing down FLAT in front of a shrub you don't want deer to eat? Something about them not wanting to walk across what might snag their feet maybe like a cattle crossing.
We have one evergree tree they especially devour from the ground up to about 4 feet every year and I was thinking of trying this.
Dog hair will keep deer out of shrubs-thats what people use to keep them out of stackyards up here-those deer were probably playing because springs coming.

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