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Delivery Drivers

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
I do believe they find the most citified lil pip squeak drivers they can to deliver packages out to the boonies. Or rather "attempt" to deliver.
We've been trying to get a piston delivered for our 4 wheeler since june 8th. and they can't seem to find our address. I just did a tracking on the second piston shipped because the first one stated delivery..but we have never seen hide nor hair of a piston or a DHL Delivery truck. First one stated that it was delivered to the correct address.....bet whoever got it sure wishes they hadda use for my piston. Anyway...I had to give em the ole...out in the sticks directions over the phone just now. So we shall see if he makes it here today.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

But how far in the "sticks" can you possibly live north of Houston....there is a house on every hill and some on top of each other i think!

Up home i grew up 50 miles from the nearest town.......so we never heard of that over night crap when it come to mail or ups or fed ex or anything. Luckily they send the same UPS guy most of the times and he can get there....but you might come home and find packages in your house or on your porch for two or three of your neighbors.....either he is to lazy to take them to them or something....he just assumes that everyone out there gets along and will see to it that they all get their packages! Of course he is right and everyone does get along, but crap if the didn't there could sure be a lot of missing packages. haha.
Besides our lil blink n miss town it's about 25 miles to a bigger town(one witha walmart)...believe it or not there's places ya can git lost out there. Our back fence joins sam houston national forest...so we bout as close to the 'sticks' as we can get without movin in on uncle sams land.

Our UPS guy does the package dump at my Folks' house. I'm amazed how he knows all he family relationships and friendships to get along. They push those drivers pretty hard in the Christmass season, and they adapt where they can.

Alot of people don't realize this, but UPS drivers are a good tool for law enforcement. Our driver is even a volunteer deputy.
Well I had a lady call me about 5 pm and said she'd gotten home from work to find a package laying beside her cattle guard..with my name on it. 15 MILES from where I live!!!!!!!!!!! this package had instructions for ONLY members of this household to sign for it....but least we got the piston we've been waitin on so now the 4 wheeler can be fixed.

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