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Demand for roo meat grows

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Mar 2, 2005
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Demand for roo meat grows

Prices for kangaroo meat have hit a record high.

John Burey, from United Game Processors in Queensland, says demand is increasing from both the pet food industry and for human consumption.

He says kangaroo carcasses are now fetching 90 cents a kilogram

"Well it would be the highest price ever reached for kangaroo meat in Australia most definitely," Mr Burey said.

"At the moment there seems to be quite a lot of movement in the industry as the human consumption industry starts to pick up, the mainstay of the industry in the past has been pet food so they're scrambling now to try and take or maintain their portion of the quota."
Why don't you and Big Bill open up a Horse for Human US consumption processing plant? Hell you can use that great data program to put pictures of the horse or pony on every package of meat. You can even include posters so you can look at Clyde as you eat him! Let's empty out the animal shelters with processing Cats "the other white meat"!! You can IMPORT "ROO" meat so we can further increase our trade deficit! :roll:
Porker, BEEF it's WHATS for Dinner....glad you pay close attention to the Beef Ads........ :roll:

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