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Derry Brownfield has it wrong.......again!

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Feb 21, 2005
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Derry Brownfield is one of those who loves to hate......NCBA, USDA, and more.

He stated yesterday morning that NCBA president Jim McAdams and other directors of NCBA attending the Spring Board meeting in Washington, DC this past week did so on Beef Checkoff money.

Not true! The NCBA Policy division board of directors are there representing their state organizations. If any of their expenses are paid by anyone other than themselves, it is by their state organization, NOT THE BEEF CHECKOFF! National officers expenses would be paid by the Policy division or the officer.

Such rumor mongering is out of line. There is enough confusion in this industry without that!

The regular Executive Board meeting, held at the same place and time for convenience and travel savings, was attended by some Federation of State Beef Council members serving on that board, and whose travel expenses would be paid with Checkoff dollars. Their food costs are paid either by sponsors or by themselves. Those people are members and representatives of many cattle organizations across the nation, possibly including some NCBA members. There was no one attending the meeting sponsored with SD Beef Checkoff money, according to that office.

Mike, glad to hear you don't get to listen to Derry Brownfield.

He is a talk show host located in Missouri. His show is carried on a Black Hills radio station since his appearance as a speaker at a SD Stockgrowe/R-CALF meeting a couple of years ago. He is anti-NCBA, Government (not sure anything would be conservative enough for him, and I'm a staunch conservative myself), Pro private property rights, which I think gains him his audience, but he is so far out in la la land as to be ludicrous, IMO.

Maybe worst, is that he stirs his audience up into near hysteria of the sky is falling stuff re monetary system, private property rights etc. then his sponsors come on with their pitch to sell something based on the fearmongering.

I'm sure most people do not give him more credibility than he is due, but know that some think he nearly walks on water.

His absolute lies about the Beef checkoff and NCBA are ridiculous, yet some people seem eager to believe that part of his mantra.

He does play great music as fillers and can be funny, even sometimes when he doesn't seem to realize it!

MRJ -on Derry Brownfield-"he is so far out in la la land as to be ludicrous, IMO."
Now why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about him. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I have to pretty much agree with you about old D. B. I think he should go back to polling pigs and rolling pumpkins in the Missouri hills!
I have to agree with Juan and MRJ. He is absolutely ridiculous with the truth. Heard him the other day rant and rave about the fact that there is "no" steel produced in the USA anymore. He then asked his guest if he was right about it. His guest was a "Quonset" maker and said all of his buildings were produced with USA steel. His listeners were just fortunate that day to have someone on hand to correct DB's "facts".

He's probably a good ole boy in the coffee shop, but .............

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