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Feb 10, 2005
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If this all worked above is a picture of our 3 month old Blue Healer, Deuce (he's 6 mo now).

My wife used to have a house cat (actually she had 4 before we got married). I don't mind cats, but I really despise having cat hair on the kitchen counters, cubbards, and every where else food is prepared. Anyway the cat up and died. Jokingly, I said if you don't get another cat you can get another dog (We already have an Australian Shepard, Pandora; and an 80# beast of a Border Collie named Bear). Being a large animal vet she frequents several farms where litters of pups are often found. About seven weeks prior to this, one of her client's Blue Healer had a litter, but the mother(you put in the correct term), died. So the whole litter was raised by hand from birth.

Anyway I come home from work, and here is this little ankle biting Blue Healer terrorizing our other two dogs. I couldn't say no to him though, as he is extremely affectionate after being hand raised by humans.
My wifes Yorkie ( who is 1 year old and stands less than 1 hand at the shoulder) chews on my sons dog (who is an American bulldog and stands about 2 and 1/2 feet tall and weighs about 80 lbs) He grabs him under the jaws and hangs on to the loose skin, all the while growling. Bubba tolerates it for awhile and then puts his paw on Spike and that stops the game for a little while. Bubbu is 2 years old. And reeeaaalll ugly!

My old Border Collie dog would hang onto my other cow dogs tail when he was trying to fetch sticks. Also the older dog would jump up and grab the stick on the kids rope swing and pull it in circles while the other dog pulled on his tails. Dogs is funny people! :lol:
here's a classic "alpha" tail :roll: . mom and dad had a corgi that was about 6 yrs old when i got my first german shepherd. the corgi was a nuetered male, my "track" was an intact male. from puppyhood, track was over at mom and dad's A LOT, always submissive to the older corgi (who, BTW, had the "short man's syndrome").

when track was a year old and weighed 80 lbs., he would STILL roll over to the corgi, who probably would've killed my shepherd if track had given him a reason. or at least tried like a sob. mind over matter!! :lol:
Looks like a keeper!!! :wink:

And you say the cat up and died??? Was it with any help from the toe of your boot or .22 bullet :???: :???: HAHA!! Don't lie!

Or prolly it died from the means we discussed in Fort Worth here a while back, although I'd like to see that done with a full grown cat :wink:
Honest, Tibbs, it did. :) We were dog sitting a friends Irish Setter pup for the weekend (now that is a dog that can run on the walls) and the cat didn't come out of the basement for a couple of days. Found out later that the cat was blocked but it was to late to help it out.

Speaking of dog sitting, we are headed down south of Milwaukee to pick up two of our dogs and one of our horses. We had a conferenence in Cincinatti last week and had the wifes chiropractic instructor keep an eye on them. It worked out well as he had a class this week and could use the horse and the dogs as subjects for the class. The other dog was dropped off at a local farm, the two fellas that were watching her have come to be quite attached, I'm not sure they'll let us take her back :p . That would be ok as she really enjoys the farm life a lot more than living in town...I don't blame her! :D

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