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Diamond "A" Cattle Company

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I am the great niece of Winnie Alexander. we call her aunty babe. I am the daughter of Bill Price's Daughter and his wife Mary Ann Hiett, Joe Hiett's youngest. I used to hear many stories too (especially about Swede)and miss it. I would love to buy a copy of your mother's book. could you give me more info? my brother is Kindrick named after Kirk myers. are you related to Casey? he was a freind of my grandmother as well as my grandfather.
I believe my mom still has books left, and I think she charges $30 + shipping if they have to be shipped. The book is only about northern Stanley County, but has kirk meyers in it and a lot of stories about the old times around that area in the early 1900's. I am Casey's Great Nephew, he was my grandpa's brother and grew up where i did and the book talks about him as well. I heard a lot of stores about Hietts.
I live in La. Our great great great grandfather was Thomas Chaudoin who lived in Lavaca Co Texas. Our great grandfather Wallace A Chaudoin was also known as Robert (Bob)Windham. The story with Grandpa Wallace was he left Lavaca Co (Halletsville) and went to New Mexico around 1869 under the name Bob Windham and worked on a big ranch breaking horses. My mother, who is 91 yr old, related stories he told when she was a child about working on the ranch, working on cattle drives having to sleep next to his horse with the saddle over his head to protect him from the snow. He moved to La, married and died here. Grandpa was blind in his later years. His nephew Conrad Schrimsher lived in Walnut Wells around 1915 when his son Horace Schrimsher enlisted to serve in WWI.

Was wondering if there would be any old records filed in state archives listing names of cowboys back in those days?

If you have any suggestions, please respond via my e-mail; [email protected] Thanks.
Anyone have any interesting stories, tales, lies, or truths about the Diamond "A" Cattle Company that used to exist in north central South Dakota around Eagle Butte, SD until the late 1930's?


The Diamond A Cattle Company was a nationally-known ranching outfit based in New Mexico and Colorado between 1885 and 1939. The company was created in 1885 by Frank G. Bloom of Trinidad, Colorado, and M.D. Thatcher of Pueblo, CO, as a subsidiary operation to the Bloom Land and Cattle Company. At that time, The Bloom Land and Cattle Company acquired the Diamond A Ranch in Chaves County, New Mexico and the Circle Diamond Ranch in Lincoln County, N.M., combining the two ranches into a large cattle and sheep ranching outfit called the Diamond A Cattle Company. As the ranching operation grew, the Diamond A Cattle Company used lands in Chaves, Lea, Eddy, and Lincoln counties, New Mexico. Later acquisitions included ranches on the Rio Hondo, in the Pecos, and at Wagon Mound, N.M. The company also purchased a ranch in South Dakota. The daily operations of the Diamond A properties were managed by former Arizona Ranger and U.S. Army Captain, Burton C. Mossman of Roswell, N.M. After 1939, the Diamond A Cattle Company holdings were broken up into smaller parcels and sold. Leon E. Williams, New York businessman, acquired the Wagon Mound and South Dakota ranches. Other parcels were sold to parties in Roswell, New Mexico. By 1977, much of the Diamond A land in New Mexico was owned by Robert O. Anderson, Arco oil tycoon.
My dad was born in 1909 and worked for the DIamond A. He spoke very proudly of his time there. He worked for Bob Rose out of Eagle Butte. He regretted that he once missed out on his chance to meet Cap Mossman.

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