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Dis illustrates DNC strategy - funny or sad?

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Brad S

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Feb 15, 2005
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west of Soapweed
Ask yourself as you suffer through the dishonesty and distortion known as "Disagreeable's posts" what possible motivation could drive such a relentless distortion that everything thought, uttered, or done by President Bush is evil?

Get yourself some nodose because this scheme employed by dishonorable is (yawning) the DNC strategy. They think people are more moved by their distortions about Bush than the really good plans offered by DNC communists like nationalizing healthcare (Hillary Klinton) or nationalizing Wallstreet (Bill Klinton). This is what the DNC is left with when reduced to supporting free choice to infantacide while opposing free choice to participate in Social Security.

The plan is to criticize using perfection as the standard. The great race horse Secratariet, sure won the triple crown, but didn't sire triple crown winning offspring - what a failure! AND the DNC plan is working. While Bush steeles against difficulties in Iraq, Iran, Korea, China and inadequate domesticate gasoline production, the DNC is politicizing these struggles. AND Dishonorable posts the bad poll numbers. The DNC is really going to beat the crap out of Bush the next election? Let's not mention that Bush isn't running.
Hey, Brad, that's a good one. Very mature, communists, infantacide, requiring perfection....

If this is indeed the DNCs strategy, it's working. Poll after poll after poll after poll shows the American people are unhappy with how Bush is handling his job, Iraq, and the economy. Republican leadership is deserting his agenda almost every day. Republican pundits say it's because they want to run for President. How telling is that if they have to desert the president's agenda to have a chance to be elected?
Poll after poll after poll after poll shows the American people are unhappy with how Bush is handling his job

the only problem with polls is the biased questions,

maybe is we were given an option such as

Knowing what a loser Kerry is, would you have still made him your choice for democratic candidate?

or compared to kerry who is still doing nothing, who is doing a better job?

I still would not have voted for kerry,,,so why care what the polls say...

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