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Disappointing News

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Oct 26, 2010
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BC, Canada
I'll start with the good news - my aunt is back home from working in another community. Bad news - she has laid down the law. She prefers to spend time with my uncle...between Real Estate, Logging Company, and Hay Sales, she doesn't get a lot of time with him and hasn't for a few years - so no cows this year she says. :(
This just after I locked in an amazing price for a group of cows that mean a lot to me. I managed to negotiate to buy the cows from which I purchased steers from for my 4-H projects. This deal wasn't guarenteed as I told her I would get back to her after speaking with my uncle.
The thing I am not happy about is we shook hands with the owners of the bull we wanted. I hate to go back on my word.

So, I think I will compromise. Leave out the new cows this spring but still buy the bull. Afterall, we still have a couple of straightbred hereford cows and this hot momma we bought last spring:

If they are going to spend money feeding four animals, one of them may as well be the one I want. :p
It's disappointing but I def. see where Aunt is coming from. She went back to school a few years ago for her MA.Ed.L then went straight to work out of town. It has also not been an easy year for the community with 6 funerals so far.
I hear there will be a female sale this fall in WL, so perhaps after spending the summer together Aunt might change her mind or my uncles hands might get itchy enough. :D
I read somewhere that a righteous man sweareth to his own hurt and defereth not. Keep your word, you'll never regret it. That is one solid cow.
buckjones-there will be a female saie in w.l this fall.all breeds h/c ylgs. and young cows as well as prospect 4H steers.the cows on saturday went upto 1960/pair i think the average would be over 1800/pair.could you get backing through WIAC. there are more cows for sale in the next month that wont have the hype the sale did this past weekend.

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