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DNA testing revisited

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Sep 3, 2007
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Western Nebraska
Over the last couple years there has been some discussion here about DNA profiling. I haven't utilized this tool yet but am planning to for sire determination. Igenity has a replacement heifer panel that they offer. What I am wondering is if anyone has utilized that particular test and what their experience has been with the way it matches up to real life. I am particularly interested in the stayability and maternal calving ease portion of it. I know that these traits are impacted by environmental factors as well, but for the cost of test, an additional $10 bringing the total to $30, it seems like a tool that might be a good way to screen potential replacements. I know that it costs me way more than that to grow out a heifer to determine if she is going to be a potential cow. If it is even a reasonably accurate predictor of long term viability in the herd it seems like it would be pretty useful. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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