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Doctoring one

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Apr 24, 2009
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I moved cows the other day, and had a cow that needed a shot. Had a pair of 16 year old twin boys helping. They are both well over 6 foot tall, and think they are bullet proof. Told Jayden that I was going to rope a cow, and I wanted him to hold her down, while Lisa gave her a shot. For once neither of them had much to say other then to ask if I was serious. I told him is he didn't hold the cow and Lisa got kicked she was gonna beat him to a pulp. He knows she would too. :lol:

Anyway, I got a rope on her and got her laid down. Took 3 loops, and 2 times of trying to get her down. Dropped a leg the first time.

Lisa gave her 60 ml of Nuflur, and the boys stayed in the Gator, and on their 4 wheeler. Jayden wants so bad to be able to do anything horse back. In all honesty, he has only been riding a year. His twin brother is a motor head, and could really care less about being horse back, but is pretty good with cattle.

Rosie looking over the situation

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