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Does a fifty yr old man wear Boxers or Briefs?

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Broke Cowboy said:



What you can say about yourself with out typing a word. I love the Emoticons :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
Did you read the study that said the Germans wash their cars
more often than their underwear?
BMR,you better forget about those briefs as you call em and get you some boxers,by the way its hot enough to sun burn a horned toad today,and plenty dry I want you to send me a couple inches of rain next week,put it on my tab.I gotta get back outside some how I got elected chef today soon as the sun gets a lil lower gonna throw some ribeye on the pit and see what happens. As I type I see a couple ole coots driving past the creek crossing so better git,bout time to cuss packers and sip something cool...............good luck ps I hope your fathers day is working out fine.
I'm sort of sorry to have ever read that report because now when I'm introduced to a German it is hard to concentrate on what he's saying for wondering about the condition of his shorts!
Himmel! :oops:
Broke Cowboy said:
Booooo! :D

Why wear anything at all?



I have heard that not wearing anything at all can be very painful! Of course, that is just rumor! :shock: :oops:

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