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Does anyone know this guy?

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Dec 13, 2005
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North Central Montana
Dr. Galen Lusk - Sugar City, Idaho. He's a vet/embryo. Would like to get in touch with him. Does anyone know about Lusk Land and Cattle Co sugar city also....
The best ET VET in the country and his son Dean is excellent too. He travels the country side

Western Genetics Inc
208 356 4739
I've tried calling that number for probably a year and cannot get anyone on the line. even the email address i've found for his et deal doesn't work. must be a busy guy. Lusk Land and Cattle Co, sugar city idaho is on the name of an old Hereford bull i think they may have bred - trying to find out if there was ever semen put up on him or if they had semen on his sire. Frustrating anyhow. thanks
Give me your number and i will give it to his son to give to his dad & whats the bulls namE

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