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Feb 10, 2005
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Any of you that use Draxxin for first pulls or mass treats having trouble with it this year? I've had some calves that either didn't respond at all, or that I've had to repull after a couple of weeks. I hit those with Excede and so far it seems to be working better.
With the price of Draxxin and Excede and costs of sick calves, and if you are having alot of pulls with no response, revaccination would be your best choice. I had a one pasture break once and it was July, started treating one or two a day, well after a week of that it adds up quick plus the reduced performance. We gathered and just vaccinated everything and use an intranasal along with it because it will work right away and let the other vaccine have time to kick in. My vet has the new product Zactron and its about half the price of Draxxin and he is recommended at least trying it.
Draxxin is quite specific to the lungs, much like Micotil. We use it if it's an obvious respiratory issue, and it works well. Kind of slow though, so you have to be patient. Otherwise, if they're bad, it's been Nuflor. Haven't tried Zactran yet, but we'll sure check it out.

It's funny how that intranasal shot seems to help. We've had success with it too. I think there's a very local immune response right in the airway that seems to give them a kick start.
I haven't used Draxxin since I worked in a feedlot, and then only in limited amounts. I don't like to carry that expensive of product in my cartel bag, and unless the critter is really well confined, I don't like the idea of using a product that is going to kill me if the critter jumps and Lisa gives me a shot.
Footrot, abcesses, joint ill, or lung problems, Draxxin works on all of them quite well. We've even had it bring some back from the edge of the other side.

Won't use Micotil anymore.
I've never been scared of Micotil, but I don't use it much anymore because it doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. It was always my first choice for a long time, though.

I agree that the Draxxin is too slow in many cases. That seems to be one of the trade-offs with the long-acting products - long-acting also equals slow-acting. I'll give 3ml/cwt of Baytril with the Draxxin if I feel like I need something to work quicker.

I haven't tried the Zactran yet. I think I'll give it a shot, though.

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