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Drought Cows

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Hay Feeder

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Oct 29, 2008
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Some of the cow traders purchased loads of drought cows and resold them to farmers in this area this past summer. I saw some from five farms here. I only saw two groups with calves on them the calves looked pretty good. Depending what management the cows had some never came out of it. Several cows are being or have been resold again to the end point. All the cows I saw have seen a SS ear tag in them. One group of younger cows look good now with nice calves. As a whole the older cows inpoorer shape got better places but were shipped quick as several were checked open. Basically it looks like the people that got them got the calves looking good and sold the calves then the cows. Some of the cows have had several old brands on them when they have been coming through the sale barns as weigh cows.

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