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Dry and Dusty

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Feb 12, 2005
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N E Montana
It is pretty dry and dusty here. Started seeding and not sure if all of it will start without a rain. Wind blew about 50-60 MPH the other day and lots of dirt in the air. We have been very lucky to get rain in the past few years, so maybe it is our turn to be dry. I think rain is the best thing that the big guy upstairs ever invented.
You must be in a spot up there that got missed buckskin. I thought your part of the state generally was moist. We are sure trying to green up here. If we had more old grass, things would look pretty good.

Supposed to be 84 deg. here this afternoon. That gets kind of warm for our haired up heifers that are still calving.They give up a little easier than a cow.
Hang tough, buckskin!! suppose to be getting a fair sized front moving in from the pacific northwest this afternoon/evening!! hope you get some your way....calling for rain and then snow in the evening!! Best of luck to you!
Buckskin- I suppose I shouldn't tell you that the other day when we were hauling cows north we almost couldn't get across the creek, the water was so high-- I could just see a trailer load floating down the creek :roll: ...This last storm was really spotty- our place on the highway got over an inch- 8 miles east where we hauled the cows into got .2... And to the west of us their was still snow in the high hills.... Got plenty warm today- saw 80 at the house 86 on my pickup thermometer- I hope this isn't a repeat of 88 when we had 110 temps by the first week of June..

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