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Economic employment shift

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May 10, 2006
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Frankfort, Indiana
This strictly my opinion from my small brain and I know that the NAFTA "thing" has been beaten like a step child but it seems to me when the NAFTA agreement was implimented it opened up a global can of worms for employment and the economy for those of us in the USA.
By allowing US companies to basicly pack up and go out of the country and use cheap labor sources and then bring it back to sell here we transfered their labor forces away depleting employment for American workers. It let companies bring products into the country that pay little to no taxes to our treasury and has forced many US producers out of the market and in many cases out of business including the agriculture industry. It may have given us some cheaper costs on products but severly reduced the ability to spend by putting blue collar workers on the unemployment lines. On top of that we have allowed illegal imigration to fill the blue collar job vacancies, pay no taxes, and transfer earned wages back to Mexico instead of growing the economy.
Our economy will continue to suffer and our tax revenues will not expand until this shift is corrected. The lower class will never recover until there a jobs for the blue colar workers in the USA. Soon the lower class and the middle class will be one in the same leaving only the upper class to support them both.
Utimately reducing the need for our own employment with foriegn workers either here or abroad and putting our own workforce on government welfare.

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