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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
Went to a brandin' today over on the gumbo. Windy rip, but we headed and heeled all the calves and stretched them out with horses. Dave and Nub were there. Nub went to usin' Dave's reiata and really went to catchin' calves! Then Dave used it and did the same. Sure wish I'd of had mine greased up and had taken it along. They sure handle the wind better. That Dave and Nub are good fellers and good hands! :D

Sure was fun, but would have been more fun if the wind hadn't blown quite so hard. Gusts up to 50 mph and not a dang tree in sight! Could have been worse. I could have been settin' on a damned ol' tractor and been farmin! The worst day of cowboyin' beats the hell out of anything else! :lol:
We`re going to be branding one group here today. One of the guys thats comeing said they were so short handed at the sale yesterday because Dave and Nub went to a branding. Yeah I agree they are some great guys and real tuff hands. Nubs brothers are some good guys too. We`re going to have to go some of those ropeings this summer, it reallt sounds like fun.

I agree with the setting on the tractor. I plant 30 acres of oats and it took me ??? to get that done. Now if I could find somebody to put up hay.

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