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Electric Dog training collars

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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
I am looking at buying on of these collars to help with the hard to train dogs. Any hints, tips, kinds to buy. Always have a ffew dogs that are over aggresive and want to keep working.

Hope this will help.

Don't know much about them but do you remember the "CHEERS" episode that Cliff had one on and the old boy got ahold of it and said "Dance mailman". I laugh thinking about it. :lol: :lol:
I like tri tronics,i think its one of the greatest tools you could ever have,it treats alot of problems like,calf catching (when not told to), fighting,horse nipping,not coming off when called,and just plain hard headedness.One thing thats abesolutely nessesary is that yu dont let your emotions get ahold of you when you have one,or you might end up with a fried dog...
canadian angus said:
I am looking at buying on of these collars to help with the hard to train dogs. Any hints, tips, kinds to buy. Always have a ffew dogs that are over aggresive and want to keep working.

Hope this will help.


We use them to train pointing dogs and using it too much will actually ruin a dog. Use it sparingly and remember, dogs are having fun when they are working. All we use them for is to teach them the word, WHOA!
Electronic dog collars:

1. First and foremost - do NOT cheap out. Get the best you can afford.

2. Do not get one unless it has the ability to give everything from a tickle to a hard bite.

3. Do not use it on the dog until you have used it on yourself - ALL LEVELS - now you know what the dog gets.

4. Put a dummy collar on the dog for a few days - that way he will not get the "Oh no it's that &^% collar again" syndrome.

5. Get one that has a range of at least one mile. That way when your dog starts off on a deer you will have the range to stop him.

6. Use it sparingly - but do not be afraid to use it - a valuable training aide.

7. They are perfect for training cattle dogs and for training bird dogs. They really go hand in hand when you use a whistle to train the dog.

8. In my opinion TriTronics makes the best models. I own 2 sets. If you get more than one set be sure to colour code the collars and the hand control - very easy to mix them up and use on the wrong dog.

Get every training manual you can find - library will order in for you if you do not want to buy. There are also some excellent videos out there.

Managed to train a couple of very good Brittany's that made all levels of champion - without the collars I would never have made it.


I'd say that a pretty open question – what do you want your dog to learn – Field Work – Working – Cattle? – Sheep? - - Obedience?

I note that you said "Wants to keep working"

I look at each field of work a little differently and yet the same. Below are some general ideas – some of witch work for me and others I disagree with.

The more response you get from a animal the easier it will be to Train

Test the response from any dog any age.
Pick up a dog foot - Put your Thumb between the toes of a dog and grab the web of skin there – Start driving your figure nail into that web of skin – the quicker the dog responds the quicker it will learn.

I cook and dry liver - I keep a peace in a pocket - to reward Fido I pinch off a peace the size of a PIN Head and let them lick it out of my hand.

Electronic Dog Training Collars

Understanding the Rules of Punishment

Before attempting to eliminate any undesirable behavior your pet may presently have, you must first understand The Rules of Punishment.
Many owners listened to the well-meaning advice from friends and relatives on how to punish an animal for inappropriate behavior, then found themselves with an escalation of the original problem or the adoption of an even less desirable replacement behavior. However, close adherence to these instructions will enable you to control your pet's behaviors in a safe efficient manner.

The Rules of Punishment

0. The correction that you use must be effective...?This may sound very obvious, but to far too many people it is not. Use your common sense. If you need to correct the same behavior over and over again, try something else. Think of punishment like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer: If it hurts, don't do it. Many people follow any advice thinking, "It has to work, it worked for Fido." No two animals are alike and what worked for one very likely will not work for yours. Be flexible.?

0. Animals must be given punishment and rewarded for proper alternative behaviors...?If you find a behavior unacceptable, you better be teaching what is acceptable, before punishing him for what is wrong. After a reprimand is administered, the animal must know two things: first, how can he avoid being punished the next time, and second, what should he be doing instead of what he did.??If the punishment you give your pet is "instructional," you will be answering both of these questions for him. Show him what is "right", then reward that behavior consistently before you administer any punishment for what is "wrong'. Animals will soon learn that certain behaviors are met with worthwhile rewards and some are not.?

0. The punishment must not be harsh...?Personalities and sensitivities vary greatly. One animal may barely notice punishment at a level that would petrify another. The intensity of a correction should be sufficient to get the job done the first time, but no stronger. If the animal thinks that the punishment does not fit the crime, the lesson will be lost.?

0. The punishment must be immediate...?Animals must understand that the punishment is for the behavior they are exhibiting right now. Never attempt to punish after the fact.?

0. The correction must be short...?Many people catch their pet doing something wrong, give it a "spanking," then brow-beat or withhold food from the poor thing all day long. Just make the correction and call it good. The pet is not going to remember what brought on your wrath all day. If he looks "guilty", he's not. He is thoroughly confused.?
Your expectations must be reasonable...?You cannot "stop" behaviors such as barking. That is what dogs do. Animals run, jump, play, eat, fly, bark, and meow. You can't stop these behaviors, but you can certainly put acceptable limits on anything that you want.

Just a few questions for any and all of you:

How widespread is the use of electric dog collars in the ranching community?

How long have they been in use?

Would you say they've become more prevalent or less so in recent years?

Are they controversial?


Why do you want to know? Are you just tring to set us up - You sound like a PETA Terrorists to me!

Are you for or again the use of Electric Collars?

They are a tool/training Aid - any Tool can be miss used - I think we all here are for the Humane Use of any Training Aid
I just read your other 5 post - I'm sorry but you have not Documented your self very well. Haveing been on the net for a few years now i have seen PETA and other "Terriosts" ask leading questions and use the information we supply to Turn Back on Us - one of PETA's pet Peves are Electric Collars.

Many of my Daughters (V_Key) ideas were used to start the American Large Animal Humane Association she is 21 and
http://www.alahassoc.org is a web sight she built for them.

When She was 10 yeards old and at her First Fair she was Attact by a goupe of "peta" *%&$^# - - she is now a devout Animal WELL-FARE person.

You might ad a Link to one of your articals before I and I Hope other answer your leading questions
i have to say that i have not had any experience with shock collars, though i am in the process of installing underground fencing in order to not only keep my dogs on my property (and therefore keep them from being HBC),.

to me, this is responsible ownership--certainly not cruelty to my dogs. it not only will keep the dogs safe, it will keep the motoring public safe at least around my property..

I get 45,200,000 links for Capitol Press - - Don't you have a URL link to your story

mp.freelance said:
It would probably help if you spelled Capital Press correctly. It's Capital with an "a" not an "o." If you're sincerely curious though, do like I said and go to their website www.capitalpress.com and type in "perkowski" in the search bar.

As to the "HUMMM..." I don't appreciate your implication that I'm not telling the truth. On a whim, I ask a few questions about the prevalence of electric dog collars, and I get accused of being a PETA terrorist and then a liar. Are you folks this rude in person?


Sorry if we seem rude, I don't think it's intentional, I think it's that we are "guarded"--and are so because many of us, trying to be nice, helpful, etc. have been duped by many of the activist groups-animal activist, environmental activist, etc. I can't speak for V_Key or Old Dog New Tricks, but seeing that their from California, they've probably seen their fare share of activist activity.

So, in short, ease into this group, show why you want to know something and you'll be fine. If you'd prefaced your question on why you wanted to know something, maybe we wouldn't come off so rude. Unfortunately in this world, even in ag., it is getting harder and harder to build trust. I have read several of your previous posts, and I too, would probably be a little leary, if for no other reason, it looks like you're with the media (I know that we shouldn't judge media folks that way, but your profession hasn't always been all that fair to the ag. world either)

Just my thoughts, for whatever their worth---

I suppose leariness of the media or activists is understandle. Capital Press isn't your typical mainstream newspaper - it tries to approach subjects from the ag perspective. I appreciate your post.

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