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electric motor on utility grain auger-help

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Feb 10, 2005
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I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some information. We have a 30ft 4 inch utility auger from our roller mill into a feed bin. We have a 3/4 hp electric motor on it but it doesnt seem to have enough hp to drive it! Does anyone know what size we should have on the auger? Any information would be appreciated. :)
It really depends on the angle of the auger and if it starts under load, ie full of grain.

If it is steep and full, you should have a 1&1/2 hp motor.

The other thing will be speed. Changing the pulley size makes a huge difference.

I have a 6 inch auger 10 feet long to unload semis and it runs on a 1/2 hp motor.... just barely, but it keeps an 8 inch auger full at 3/4 speed.
I've got a 20 ft. with a 1/2 hp motor. 3/4 HP on yours sounds about right.
Have the pulleys been changed? A smaller pulley on the motor and/or a larger on the auger will slow the auger down but give more mechanical advantage.
Thanks for the help guys! OUr feed bin is real steep and I think I need a 1.5hp. Ive already got a small pulley on the motor and a large on the auger. Going to get a motor this afternoon.

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