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Eligibility Invades Townhall meetings

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Feb 11, 2005
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WND) - Heading into the 2012 election, members of Congress probably should expect to be grilled in their various town-hall meetings on the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president.

That circumstance has followed the announcement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona that there is probable cause there was forgery in the creation of Obama's birth certificate released by the White House last year, and fraud in its presentation as a real document. His Cold Case Posse's investigation into Obama's eligibility for the Arizona presidential ballot continues.

Among the latest members to be challenged on the issue was U.S. Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., who was confronted by questions from a computer document expert who has examined Obama's purported birth certificate.

The report comes from Mara Zebest, an author and editor of dozens of books on computer software, who has concluded that Obama's document is a fraud.

Earlier, an email from Lungren's office staff seemed to concede that there are questions about Obama's eligibility, but the congressman said he doesn't have those concerns. He held to that line during the questions from Zebest.

Zebest, in a report on a website questioning Obama's eligibility, said she confronted Lungren at two recent town hall meetings, in Citrus Heights on March 13 and Rancho Cordova on March 15.

In the meetings, questions were submitted and then the congressman determined which to answer.

"With the current rules … Lungren listens to all the comments … takes notes … everyone takes turns at the mic … and after everyone speaks … after Lungren has had time to think about what he wants to say in response … he then gives his response and there's NO reactions allowed at this point," Zebest said.

She said that at the first meeting she referenced the Arpaio investigation and its evidence that Obama's Selective Service card may be fraudulent.

She asked, "When will there be a congressional investigation?"

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