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"Emotionally Present"

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Apr 14, 2011
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" In th epast, men were socialized to think that expressing emotion is a sign of weakness. As little boys, many were shamed into repressing their sensitivity by adults who told them that crying is for babies. As a result, many adults makes find it difficult to be emotionally present.

Contrary to this upbringing, we have been designed by our Creator to experience deep emotions. Without passion and joy, life would be meaningless. Without the ability to grieve and feel sadness for loss, we would not be able to heal and move forward in life.

Being present emotionally means giving yourself permission to feel any particular way, without judgement or condemnation. It means living in the now momebt and taking in the richness of today's experience.

I saw a television interview with a woman who survived a plance crash in which her entire family persihed. She talked about how angry she was with God and how inappropriate she thought her anger was. After much soul-searching, she realized it was okay to feel anger. Giving herself permission to feel any emotion, without judgement, led her back to health and happiness.
Feel your feelings! Don't judge them- just let them come and go, as they are suppose to."

Take time to express your feelings without judgement! :)
expressing emotion, :shock:

i learned after having a pretty severe stroke that stroke victims can suffer and have emotional issues.they can be medical,,,,believe it,,,

a stroke victim often has no control.much like a menopausal woman.
they can become emotional at the drop of a hat.think depression.

sometimes it's not about just being tough but learning more about yourself.and the difference of the mind---and soul--- :eek:

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