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Etiquette quiz

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Me, too. I also got 7. Can't afford to travel. BTW with all the strange customs in the various countries I would still be afraid of making a fool of myself. :roll:
I believe they are incorrect on a couple.

The English think we are all hopeless slobs, and that no-one should eat fried chicken, all you get is bland boiled bird there.

In Spain there are trash cans and it is customary to throw the garbage at them. They as most Europeans don't want to touch the can when they are out because the rest room to wash up in is worse.

In Scotland it is dinner at luch time
supper is called tea, or evening tea. So if in Scotland and someone asks if you want Tea, depending on the time it may be either Tea or supper.....and it will be boiled chicken, or haggis. but they do have cool long haired (hippy) cattle.
and home work was always done after Tea.

In France every thing is an insult, I say just p :mad: them off from the beginning, They'll get over it :twisted:

How do you slurp rice?

I was told to stay at home. to late.

The slurping refers to the Japanese...who eat noodles with every meal.

The Chinese eat rice with almost every meal.

Been exposed to both of these customs many times. Is definately one of the oddest feelings to leave food on your plate (even if its just a few pieces of rice), or to slurp your food loudly....although the Italians do it as well, so I guess I should not be surprised.
Mike said:
They told me to quit eating. :roll:

Ditto....figure i am safer (and so if everyone else) if i just stay on the ranch and continue to eat my chicken with my fingers and use ketchup whenever i want :D :wink:
got a 7 but dont like to fly so i guess I am stayin home anyways.
Got 7 but can't afford a plane ticket or someone to feed the cows! :help:

We have dinner at noon, and supper at supper time, but our city relatives call it lunch and dinner.

A friend of mine once got into trouble when she invited city friends for dinner, then was all ticked off when they didn't show up. She stashed the food in the freezer, and then lo and behold, they showed up at 6:00 and she had nothing to feed them. :oops:

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