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Ever hear of the Williams and Tavenner Ranch.....

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Sep 4, 2009
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....north of Deer Lodge, Montana?

I was surfing the net today and saw that a fellow I knew from many years ago, Dean Tavenner, died back in January of this year.

The obit said he'd spent his childhood on that ranch. Never knew that, not that I knew Dean that well.
ABSOLUTELY!! And we knew Dean Tavenner. There was a family
tie-in to Grant Kohrs Ranch somehow. The ranch wound up
being Rock Creek Cattle Co. while we were there.
It was in townships, not sections.
It was a beautiful, huge ranch with all
red buildings. When we lived east of Deer Lodge, we had many close
friends who worked there. They had a bunkhouse and hired a ranch cook.
Good times! Great people~

Rock Creek Cattle Co. was owned by Ward, of Ward Paper Box Co.
He also owned Castle Mountain Ranch at White Sulpher Springs, Mt.
Rock Creek finally sold and then resold. The first new owners
sold off enough timber to pay for the ranch. They tried running buffalo
as the main livestock. I don't think that turned out very well.
The owners now, from Florida, I believe
have made a gated community out of the main ranch and sold off much
of the rest of the ranch. Our banker flew me over the ranch in 2007 or 2008
and I could not believe the houses/buildings that had been erected up
all the creeks that flow into the Clark Fork River. Totally changed...the
price of progress, I guess. :cry:

I found this online:


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