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EWG launches new attack on livestock sector....

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John SD

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Mar 16, 2005
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western SD
Well, maybe this isn't new, just the same ol' same ol' recycled. Reading this article makes me hungry for a bacon cheeseburger. http://breakingnews.ewg.org/meateatersguide/a-meat-eaters-guide-to-climate-change-health-what-you-eat-matters/
This is another 'consider the source' situation, IMO. I feel the group has less credibility than should be expected of 'watch dog' groups.

The methodology has likely already been challenged and if I wasn't already worn out from some family visits and worry over an elderly relatives' recent stroke, I'd lood up some of the responsible sources for a 'correction'. Universities working to improve the footprint of agriculture might be a good source.

Logic also might just serve some of us well. Is it reasonable to believe that mere humans have the power to trump that evil goddess of too many people; "mother earth"?

We in the USA have been hyper-active in cleaning up human, especially factory and agricultural sources, of 'polution' for many years.

What on earth makes us believe we humans can come even close to producing the polution of a volcano that spews gasses, ash, and more?

Or a hurricane, earth quake, or tsnumai in eroding soil into the water ways of the world?

Or even the polution of humans living in too close proximity, and too many with little, or no sanitary sewage systems in third world countries, for that matter??? Though, we just might not be doing such a pristine job of taking care of that situation in some of our crowded cities in the USA, either

People do seem to get away with blaming much of THEIR city park, lawn, and golf course pesticides and fertilizers flowing in our major rivers on agriculture causes, IMO. At any rate, I've never seem that accounted for when people rant against agriculture polluting our waters, have any of you?

I really would like to see more human sewage systems using less chemical treatments, and more marshland type systems to filter the water in a more natural manner. Every town, from village to city, seems to go through the miserable smells with spring and fall temperature changes, and that just seems to me indicative of less than stellar systems with their expensive lagoons, etc.

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