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Extension Service Launches Horse Care Web Site...(cool site)

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Dec 7, 2005
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Cooperative Extension Service Launches Horse Care Web Site
by: Press Release
November 03 2006 Article # 8053

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With information ranging from finding the best horse for your child to riding techniques to horse diseases, nutrition, and care, HorseQuest brings the "best of the best" university research-based information on horses to Americans via its most popular information source, the Internet.

Found at www.extension.org/horses, the interactive web site provides news, events, frequently asked questions, and "Ask the Expert" features as well as in-depth learning modules on equine-related topics.

HorseQuest features include:

* Frequently Asked Questions: Compiled by equine experts from across the country, this includes the most commonly asked questions and peer-reviewed answers on horse ownership and care.
* Ask an Expert: Equine experts nationwide respond to individual horse-related questions within 48 hours of submission.
* Online Chats: With topics ranging from housing to feeding to choosing the best horse, these online chat sessions are scheduled routinely with experts in each subject matter area. Only an Internet connection is required to participate.
* News & Upcoming Events: Every day something's happening in the world of horses and HorseQuest keeps the news and calendar of events current at the local, state, and national levels.
* Learning Lessons: Horse ownership is serious business and HorseQuest offers interactive learning lessons on the costs of horse ownership, selecting the right horse, how to evaluate a prospective horse, and more.

HorseQuest is just the beginning for eXtension (pronounced "e-extension"), the new project from the U.S. land grant university system designed to bring the vast resources of the nation's largest non-formal education system, the Cooperative Extension Service, to a broader audience via the Internet. Organized around communities of interest, such as horses in this case, subject matter experts in the nation's Land Grant University system form communities of practice to develop individual components of eXtension.

HorseQuest is the first eXtension "community of practice" to come online.

Twenty more communities with topics including financial security, imported fire ants, disaster response, parenting, rural entrepreneurship, horticulture, and wildlife damage management are set to come online in the next few months. All will feature similar attributes of learning modules, news, events, frequently asked questions, and "Ask the Expert."

Extension has nearly 3,000 offices throughout the country offering localized information and resources. To find your local Extension office, go to www.extension.org, log in indicating your state and university affiliation, and choose the "Contact your local Extension office" link.

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