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Fall Photos

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Sep 16, 2011
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NW Oregon
I think I almost have the photo thing figured out. except for the size.

Weaning Day

Feb. Heifer calf

One of our herd sires, two year old

Not all calves are younger then their moms, the heifer calf is from a 16yr old egg the black cow is her two year old mom.

Looking East from our place, MT Hood.

Everyone Have a Merry Christmas
The cattle sure are slick and it doesn't take long to get awfully lonesome for the color green this time of year!

Great pictures, thanks for posting them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
Great pictures. Don't worry too much about the size, they are great. If you are real concerned about the size, look at how big the pictures are when you save them off of your camera. Lisa has her camera set to save pictures 1 size bigger then I have mine. Mine is set to the VGA setting, and the pictures seam to work good.
Nice Eastwind, The green background behind the red looks great. What's with the black one?
sure am glad you figured out the picture thing, have never seen that part of the country before. nice to see the green, and the cattle look to be in great shape. do you normally get much snow?
Thanks for the comments, most of the photos were taken a month ago so the green is fading. Our annual rain fall is 39 in. In the winter we get a few in. of snow here and there and then its gone ( turns to mud) Today its a high of 42 and a low of 29 deg. fahrenheit
When the history books talk about the Oregon Trail, is your area where they were all headed? If it is I can see why. Really good looking country.
beautiful country! and some nice looking cattle....

so refreshing to see someone not falling into the black hide bias.
Big Swede, if you look at the photo of Mt Hood the Oregon trail came across the cascade range just to the rt of the Mountain, and ended 20 miles to the south west of us.
Glad to have you here on ranchers and posting pictures of your place. Looks like a pretty green garden compared to what's out my window. :D Thanks!
When I first looked at the pictures, I was thinking WyomingWind
posted them....til I got to Mt. Hood. And I thought, "Mt. Hood. How
could WyomingWind see Mt Hood?"

Then :oops: .

I especially like the first picture and I alway think those kind belong
on a calendar. Speaking of which, our friends gave us a calendar
with pictures of their ranch doing's throughout the year. It's really
neat and on heavier paper than most calendars. For anyone interested,
they got theirs from www.vistaprint.com. It is spiral bound in
the middle and really nice.

Anyhow, EASTWIND :wink: , thanks for the pictures of your
beautiful corner of the world.
Great pictures! They really look good. Still some green here but not that tall :wink:

FH, thanks for the link...I've been wanting to do calenders. Probably too late for this year, but you never know.
Nicky said:
Great pictures! They really look good. Still some green here but not that tall :wink:

FH, thanks for the link...I've been wanting to do calenders. Probably too late for this year, but you never know.

You are welcome. They said the turn-around time was quite fast...

However, I just clicked on the link I provided (that was on the
back of the calendar) and it didn't work.

Try this one:

loved the pics....i spent the first 13 years of my life in vancouver washington and the pic of mt hood sure brought back memories!! thank you so much for sharing...hope to get back there someday for a visit as i still have the majority of my family in vancouver, battle ground, portland and camas!!! :D

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