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Farm Bureau Poll Nationally At Last

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Aug 1, 2005
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Finally a Farm Bureau Poll
After several hours of deliberation we reached a verdict to send letter to all county and state and American Farm Bureau Offices.
Union County Farm Bureau
Dear Farm Bureau Menbers.
We the farm bureau board of Union County Illinois have some thought about the future of the American farmer Rancher.After many years of watching hundreds and thousands of our friends and neighbors loosing there farms and ranches due to poor market conditions it is time to stand up and do something about our livelyhood.
We have a large organization here in the United States and we need to do something about it and make good use of it once and for all.
Some of us and our parents have been life long members of Farm Bureau and have stood behind it good or bad.Now its a new era in the life of the American Farmer he can not survive in the world today as it is going.We have to finally say enough is enough and price or product like every other business in America.
With the fuel and fertilizer prices and every thing else this won't work any longer.
We want to poll our organization nationally and see if every one is finally fed up with this cheep food policy.
We are the only business that doesn't price its products and we can't be that stupid to the fact that we are told that is okay.
We are not saying that Farm Bureau doesn't do anything for us .They lobby in the state capitals and in Washington for our rights and that is very important but they are missing the big picture.They aren't keeping the farmer on the farm and they aren't getting a price out of our products.This is why we are going to proceed in getting the imput from all the state farm bureaus on this issue.
Sincerely Union County Farm Bureau

Let us know what you think we are on a mission.

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