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Farm of the Year!

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Jan 11, 2006
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E.B. Oleo Ranch named Red River Co. Farm of the Year
The NRCS and the EQUIP Program has name E.B. Oleo Ranch Farm of the year. Bear and Edna Lane have been Organic for the past 5 years using only the Watson Ranch Organic Program. Bear went straight to the State Agronomist to get all of Watson Ranch products approved for reimbursement by the EQUIP program. Don’t let your local Ag office tell you that Organic Products cannot be used for the EQIUP program. We now have proof that they not only work but also out perform the chemicals used.
This is not only a great leap forward for Watson Ranch Organics, but for the Whole Organic movement in Texas and the United States!
If you would like more info call,
Bear Lane 903 925-3818
Or visit www.WatsonRanchOrganic.com
Farm of the Year!

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