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Faster Horses- bulls

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FH- I finally got the yearling bulls cut out from the old ones and hauled down- was going to turn them on the hay fields- but its been so nice we haven't had a hard enough frost to freeze the alfalfa- so I have them corraled for awhile....I thought it would give me the chance to snap a picture- but I'm starting to believe Goggins and those picture boys earn their incomes getting good pictures of black bulls- when the suns in the right position the bulls ain't :roll: ....


This is the little bull I bought from your part of the country that goes back twice to 6807- and has Diamond D, Wye, and Shoshone breeding..But after I took the picture I found he must be bashful :) Like I said, he's nothing special- just good moderate EPD's and hopefully produces moderate framed heifers, without too much milk--Been running down the creek since he finished with my heifers and still came in in pretty good shape.........

BW 80lbs- EPD +0.6
WW 26
Milk 14
WW 54


Here is another picture of him-- The bull in the back with the white tag is the yearling New Design 878 son out of Blockbuster daughters, that I have older 3/4 brothers of- and have the first calves from...They really are long and nice- wish I had used Blockbuster more- I never reallized he was going to be as good as he was at producing moderate framed heifers....

That 878 bull is a little more high headed and flighty than his brothers- hope he quiets down a little over the winter...Probably gets it from his mothers grandsire-Leachmans Conveyor- which goes right back to the EXT lines.......

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