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Faster Horses- You asked for it!

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
I called our horseshoer, who lives north of Wibaux and they said they got "at least 18 inches." They ARE snowed in. His wife teaches school in Glendive and she figures she will have to walk out to the road and catch a ride with someone. Big drifts every where, according to her.

Jake, I'm really sorry~when I wanted SNOW, I meant the kind that jodywyo got. His hadn't drifted, was just wet. Shucks...I didn't mean I wanted a BLIZZARD...but that's what we got. :(

As I said before...BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU (I) WISH FOR...


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Feb 10, 2005
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Faster horses said:
Well, I should learn--BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR... :( :nod:

It was quite a storm all around the country. We got 11" of snow, or that is what the radio said this morning; possibly more by now. The sun is out and the snow is melting. We never did have 40 mph winds; and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

We didn't lose power although it was on and off a few times. Messed up my computer, but they have been out and repaired that already. North of town and Ekalaka lost power.

Hey, rancher, at least you have a generator.
I think those calves will fill right up again. At least I hope so.
A good drink will do them alot of good since they don't drink in a

Maybe you should have a drink, too. :wink:


FH I have 3 generators, one winter I was with out power for 3 weeks. My winter grass is flat, meadows are full of down trees besides the yard. Have some robins that are wishing they were somewhere besides here. I see some of the cows found some bear spots on the tops of the hills to graze.

Jake, bring the drink up, don't think I will be going anywhere soon. 8)

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