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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
Was thinking about you naming your pup. You said you couldn't use DIXIE because of the CHICKS but you could still use DIXIE and say you named her after the new movie "Because of WINN DIXIE . My 83 year old mother wants to go see that show. :D
This is my first post on this new forum. So far I don't like it much. I need to get into archives and don't know how to do it. I promised someone I would print something off for them...guess I told a fib. Used to be easy now it's impossible!

Yeh, I just saw the preview to Winn Dixie. That might be good. My husband can't remember to call her Dixie anyway, so we need to come up with something else. The people we got her from called her "Cuddles"--cuz she likes to be with you. He has been calling her "Cuddles, Puddles and Cigars!"
Our dog is Scarlett (O'Hara), but when I'm disgusted with her I can't ever think of the right name. I always call her Savannah or Saratoga or Sarsparilla before "Scarlett" ever comes to mind.
We tend to keep dog's names short. We have had at the same time, three stock dogs named Pat, Cat, and Toot.

We now have a Pete, so we can't have a name close to that one. This pup is a lot of fun and we are enjoying her immensely. She is light on her feet and fast. Really sticks by you when you are doing something. If I was any hand on here I would use her picture by my name, but...I can hardly use this new forum. Hope I get more comfortable with it.
I am just getting used to it myself. Part of the reason I first posted on Ranchers.net was the easy format., the other was because Disagreeable was so wrong!,, I was always intimidated by the others that used this format. But I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

As for dog manes, My first dog was spot. He was competely black no spots, guess i just read to many Dick and Jane books, see spot run,, :) another was jingles, (Christmas present)

My fist dog as an adult was Tramp because my wife wouldn't let me call him Bum, My dog now is Gypsy (same reason) Both were pound puppies. and damn good dogs.
have a blue heeler named Possum, thats what he looked like when I got him at 5 weeks old. had a horse named cat, so when a kitten wandered in and stayed named her hoss.
faster , the more you use this site the easier it gets. I find it alot faster and you can scroll down thru the posts with out having to open each one. Hang in there it does get better.
As for dog names there just seems to be one to fit. I've had a Blackie, a Toby. and now Jack. also a Snuffy that I got when dating my wife and quit chewing. :cowboy:
Well, she can't be "Blackie" because she is brown. She can't be 'Tippy" because she is bob-tailed. She can't be 'Stub' because she is a she. She can't be 'Jack' because that is my husbands name!!

The other dog that came from the same place we called 'ZIP' and 'ZIP the Rip' cause she was that, too. I thought about calling this dog 'Rip', so maybe that would work. But I don't want her to be a 'Rip' really. I thought about 'Peg', that is a lot different than 'Pete'. I will mention that to my husband. This dog is really gutsy, just like our old dog. We think she will be a good one. She already barks when someone drives in. Pete would just help them take whatever they needed. Don't think this dog will do that, the old dog sure never did. She was a good watchdog. Actually, a little too good.
Faster Horses I was talking to our Stockgrower manager/editor and in balanceing our articles and ADs we might have to hold mineral article until next issue. But I thought it looked good and made sense to me so I will keep you posted and get you the issue it's publiished in. thanks again.BMr :cowboy:
my husband likes to keep dogs names simple, easy to remember and usually HUMAN....we've had Jake, Janie, Jill and Justin (notice a pattern??) anyway, jake always seemed to answer to "dammit" better than his own name....wouldn't have something to do with the fact that that certain expletive usually followed his name from my hubby's mouth, would it???
Had a beagle named Kino who wouldn't hunt.
We had Caesar (a dog that urinated EVERYWHERE so I wouldn't recommend that name)
Then we had a great happy, smart, white-footed border collie Sneaker which we shortened usually to Sneak.

Followed by a mistake- a Dalmatian I named Doctor because I wanted a doctor in the family. Dumbest doctor who didn't last long.

Followed by Hobbs- small black lab who actually smiled if we'd been out for awhile, a good watchdog yet loving.
Hope you find a fun name. Your pup sounds cute (sigh)
Got 5 dogs now - Ebony, Chump, Lulu, Skeeter and Casey. If these city folks don't quit dropping them off, I'm going to run out of names and start numbering them.
Soapweed said:
Seems like in the movie, "Big Jake", John Wayne just calls his dog, "Dog". That would be an easy name to remember.[/quotE/

My dad had an old redbone hound when I was a kid he called dog but he liked that John Wayne movie..
Denny Blowers said:
Soapweed said:
Seems like in the movie, "Big Jake", John Wayne just calls his dog, "Dog". That would be an easy name to remember.[/quotE/

My dad had an old redbone hound when I was a kid he called dog but he liked that John Wayne movie..

What's a "redbone hound" , please?
A Red Bone is a hound dog or a tracking dog. They make good coon dogs and deer dogs. They are also used for tracking people. The red bone is a larger dog with longer legs so they move the game a litter faster.
BMR, regarding the mineral article--that is quite alright. That information should not change from even one year to the next. It might need rewritten a tad bit. I just sent it to you to see if we were on the same page as far as what you were wanting. Just cranked it out quickly.

Thanks everyone, for the dog names. Maybe we will just call her "Soap." I kinda like that. Hafta see if it fits. She really is a doll. Jumped out of the tractor yesterday so now we have to be super careful she doesn't do that again. She is so couragous. That is why we wanted one of these dogs, they are tough and have neat personalities. She sure catches on quickly. Stays right with you when you are outside. Comes when you call her. But my husband puts her on the couch with him, so guess where she likes to be when she is in the house? She lays right down and is very nice when she is on the couch so I can't say too much...until she wants down. Then she better go RIGHT OUTSIDE!! LOL!!! I will try to post a photo of her soon.
Hubby named our German Shepard "Bullet", cuz he said if she didn't chase cows the way she's supposed to, she was going to get a bullet. We've had Bullet for 8 years now so she must be doing something right.

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