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Feb 10, 2005
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I see where Agri-news wants to adopt the kids from Baker to help with costs and for a savings for college.
Yes, I read that also. That is very kind of Linda, Agri News and the readers.

A benefit auction is being planned also, or so I heard. One of the grandmothers mentioned that they were going to keep the place for awhile as the kids liked to go over there. Poor kids!! I also heard that they did so much as a family and had it not been so cold that day, there might have been some kids out helping them put up that windbreak, but they told the kids to stay in the house out of the cold.

The gym was overflowing with people at the funeral.

Still makes me ill to think how fast those parents were taken from their children.

You just never know. If we could remember in this life to live every day as if it were our last...
I hate to revist it.

Two young parents, each 29 years old, were putting up a Mega-Panel (weighs about 2000 lbs.) on their place. I think it was Jan.9--yes, it was that Sunday. As near as they can figure, they didn't have it held or braced with anything very stout. A hard gust of wind hit, caught it and tipped it over on them, killing them both. They had 4 little kids that were in the house. One of the kids found them. Only the mother was partially visable, some assume the husband told her to run and she didn't make it.

It is a chilling, sad story.

A fund has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank, Box 699, Baker, Mt. 59313~
Koenig Children's Fund~

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