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Faster Horses

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50%?? I hope my doctor does better than that! :p

Actually, things went well. I think better than the first knee
surgery. I guess time will tell. The Black Hills Surgical Center
is THE place to go for surgery. They take such good care of
you and the food is second to none. How about Beef Tenderloin
for supper that's as good as in a high-quality restaurant.
Mr. FH made sure he was there for his 3 squares a day!

Thanks for asking, BMR. It's going well. I'll sure be glad
when this is all behind me. As it is, I feel close to the bionic
woman, glasses, hearing aids and 2 new knees!! :p :wink:

It will be awhile before I run any races. I wasn't built for speed
anyway. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I also want to wish you a speedy recovery and hope this surgery went better than the first one, I thought you would enjoy the surgery center in Rapid, when I was there my tummy was a little upset from the spinal so did not eat very much, but grandma sure enjoyed the food for me ??? 101
Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the Hillsdown's as well FH. Was wondering when you were going in for your second surgery, so glad it went well. :D

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