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FBI Says It Has Files on Rights Groups

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Brad S

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Feb 15, 2005
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west of Soapweed
I'm the staunchest critic of invasion of privacy issues, and will continue to be. But its dishonest to say Greenpeace doesn't share agenda with earthfirst anfd other known terrorists. I used to be of the opinion that the Michigan millitia was a bunch of lawful citizens until McVey proved otherwise.

I still champion privacy, but my side is dishonest if we don't admit there are some bad guys out there. Now, I say freedom's value exceeds the value of safety, and so if Earthfirst blows up a ski resort or Greenpeace jeopardizes the safety of a fishing crew its lamentable but not as bad as living in a police state. To be clear, I'd rather live in fear of unknown terrorists rather than live in fear of a government out of control, and when bad guys perpetrate bad acts, I must accept my privacy stance aided them somewhat. This is where GreenPeace and I diverge. They don't want to accept the consequences for the privacy they demand. Furthermore GreenPeace has engaged in terrorism.
On one hane the ACLU is antiChristian. They oppose the Los Angeles city symbol because there is a small cross while utterly ignoring a much larger greek goddess in the symbol. I think Christianity can withstand the separation clause, so its no big deal.

On the other hand,, when the prosecutor was trying to violate paticient client confidentiality to skewer Rush Limbaugh, the ACLU was there - and they ain't limbaugh kinda guys.

Now, why doesn't the ACLU attack Roe v Wade for many reasons? Ideology not principle. I won't villify the ACLU, but they're a bit selective in enforcing rights.
reader (the Second) said:
Faster horses said:
None of the things I think about the ACLU come even close to the words "legitimate" and "peaceful."

They are a terrible organization. Liberal as they come. Name one good thing they have done for this country as an organization.

Wow, I'm amazed. They stand up for our constitutional rights, even rights for groups I am not fond of. That's a good thing. The U.S. system works because (1) checks and balances such as 3 branches of Govt, division of power between states and Federal and local, oversight and regulatory like GAO, USDA, FDA, IG; (2) public education for better and for worse and a fairly egalitarian mindset; (3) Constitution and upholding of the Constitution.

ACLU is everyone's enemy and everyone's friend in that they uphold the Constitution even when it's unpopular with one group or another.

I'd like to hear from others, but especially those who also appreciate things that are unpopular but make America work.

You're right, Reader, the ACLU is a shining example of what American is about. They will take the side of anyone whose Constitutional rights are being violated, even unpopular sides.
Ok Dis, you explain why the ACLU attacked LA for its symbol containing a small cross but is indifferent about the greek goddess in the symbol.

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