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Feeder set aside program terminated

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Manitoba
Canada's Feeder Calf Set-Aside Program Terminated

WINNIPEG, MB, Jul 21, 2005 (Resource News International via COMTEX) -- Now that Canadian cattle are moving across the U.S. border, the Feeder Calf Set-aside Program is terminated, effective immediately, according to a release from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The release said producers remain free to market their calves as they see fit, and there are no slaughter restrictions.

As previously indicated in a notice to industry, July 15, 2005, auctions under the Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program are suspended. Producers will remain enrolled in the program until further notice, the release said.

Cattle registered in the program will be released as scheduled, however producers who want to voluntarily withdraw some lots from the program prior to their scheduled release date may do so with the pre-authorization of their provincial program administrator, the release said.

Participating producers are reminded that if they remove cattle from the set-aside program without the express permission of their provincial administration, they will be subject to administrative penalties that may include forfeiting any program payments owed to them.

In Saskatchewan, both the Feeder Calf, and the Fed Cattle Set-Aside Programs have been terminated, the release said.

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