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Feb 10, 2005
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Last calf came today.....after waiting and waiting and waiting! Of course, it was hiplocked but I got lucky, husband and best friend were around the yard to help. Not bad this year, it only took from January 13th till today to get all the calves! :roll: Good news is though, no vet bills this year!
So you can finally join the rest of us,that are done for the year.It's a nice feeling to be done,for another year.Only problem is,i had vet bills to prove this one!
No. She just got sorrier and sorrier as the days went by. I finally admitted defeat on the hoping against hope that she would get up, so we had her put out of her misery. Vet says it was a pinched nerve in her back legs and it paralyzed her. She must've got tangled up with some bulling cows.
If your luck,is as good as mine Shelly.She was probably one of your best cows?It never seems to fail with me!

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