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First Time Under Saddle

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Mar 23, 2005
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Started this little project a couple days ago. As she is 5 years old, I figured it was well past time to do something with her. Spent the first session trying to pick her feet up :mad:
Second session she was a different horse. I got her feet trimmed no trouble, taught her to lead by a front foot, etc. Today she saw the saddle for the first time and she stood very calmly for the whole procedure. I took the pic within a minute of the saddle being on. I might have to change my mind about her and keep her around.

Nice hip on her.
Funny how some horses just seem to "get it" and settle right down and others never "get it". :?

Is that saddle a Eamor 1000? Somethings make think that and other I'm not sure about. The round skirts and that wide Cheyenne roll make me question it being an Eamor.
A horse trainer I know is now in his mid 60's. He has progressed to the point that at his age the first couple of rides are done in a box stall where he can reach up and grab the rafters if things get out of hand. :lol:

This guy has started hundreds of colts in his day and this method is his choice of being able to continue his occupation.

Good luck Silver, she looks like a nice, stout little mare.

edit...... Maybe you were a different person today? :wink: :D
Big Muddy rancher said:
Is that saddle a Eamor 1000? Somethings make think that and other I'm not sure about. The round skirts and that wide Cheyenne roll make me question it being an Eamor.

It does have a lot of similarities to the Eamors that we have, but this is a Western Rawhide I bought new in 1979. Has just the right amount of tooling on it to suit me :wink:
It's a heavy saddle. As I was 9 yrs old when I bought it with my 4H money, Dad said he would use it until I was big enough to set it on a horse myself. I was about 20 or more when I finally asked him if he thought I was big enough yet :lol:
My next one will be built by JB if I have my way.
gcreekrch said:
edit...... Maybe you were a different person today? :wink: :D

That could be... the first day I worked with her I may have had a bad mindset as I broke her half sister a few years ago and the just the thought of that SOB makes me mad. I may have been too ready to prejudge. :shock:
I've got three original Eamors I really like them for a saddle-one thing I learned quick was to pack my own saddle to riding A'I jobs
Today went pretty good. She saddled up like an old broke horse, let me pick her feet up and hold them with no troubles, and let me climb on and sit with no flinching.
Then I put a snaffle on her and tied the reins to the saddle short enough to make her give to the bit to get relief. She worked up quite a sweat thinking about that, but after 4 hrs she was cooled off and standing quietly with slack reins and a good head set.
Things are looking up, but I think it's a setup :D
Whattaya waitin' for? :D

Take all the time you need Silver, you'll have her broke to ride and ropin' either side before branding time. :wink:
Heck step up, take a deep seat and reach up and hook her! :lol:

Well, that what they tell me all them good broncy guys do! :D

Me? I let them youngster do the first rides. They heal way faster. Then when they come back I piddle around and try to have them goin' pretty good by the time they are 5 or 6. :)
If the ground had a decent snow cover on it instead of bare frozen ground and a layer of ice I might be more inclined to take her for a ride. I too am noticing I don't heal like I used to so I tend to go a little slower nowadays :oops:
She is a good lookin mare, make sure you have a strong nite latch on your saddle, the frozen ground looks hard.
good luck
In the 60's my wife and I use to Start Colts going to the Track for other people.
She was 105 Lbs and we'd start them in the Box Stalls
I had a rope and harness on her - if things got to WESTERN I could lift her off...

I like that you waited until 5 years old - - that is how we use to do it.
First year = Handle, Halter, Lead
Second Year = Light Riding for a month - then turn them out until 5 year olds
I forgot about this thread. I am starting a coming 3 year old gelding. Put the second ride on yesterday. took him and his sister up to our neighboring horse trainer. He worked with the filly and he and I put second rides on colts, while his father got in there with a flag and "helped" us. It went real well. I am keeping a diary of it on a thread on my blog, called horse training.

Been a long time since I put a ride on a colt with this little of training. Really enjoyed it.
Well, I have a confession to make. Because I could see I just wasn't going to have the time to get this horse going the way I wanted to, I elected to send her to a girl to put 60 days on her. This girl is an incredible trainer, and honest to a fault with her time. She took nearly 3 months to put the 60 days on (she got married, had a honeymoon, and the horse was down a bit with cinch sores). She rode and roped off this mare at brandings, pasture roped, and used her for her day job at South Peace Stock Farms, so this horse got a lot of hours under saddle in her time with Jessica.
I have can not believe the handle she has on this horse. She now has an amazing flat spin, a sliding stop, goes from a dead run to backing up at a high rate of speed in one easy motion, side passes, all the good stuff. All the while with amazing collection and a feather light touch. All in all I just couldn't be happier. I figure it was $1600 well spent.
Did I mention she taught her to lay down??

You may notice she's a little slimmer now :shock: :lol:

Good to hear Silver! IMHO $1600 is peanut's compared to what it cost's to keep one around that we never get to work or enjoy!! And it sure sound's like your haveing fun!!

Take care

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