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Flat Brimmed Ladies Hat

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
Flat Brimmed Ladies Hat
by MC

After the immediate shock of tragedy started to melt
I stopped by the old hatters to price a 100X beaver felt
Shaping it would be with a gentle pencil roll on the brim
Down in front, up in back, he cleared his throat ahem ahem

“Wouldn’t this crease or that be more for a young cowgirl your age
Don’t you want to be fashionable like the cowgirl Hollywood rage?”
“No,” I said, “I don’t, you see each shape of this hat comes from ancestors of old”
“Will you tell me those stories,” he asks, “If my asking is not too bold.”

I shared my ancestors’ stories from Colorado, Arizona, and Texas
Stories of ranching and rodeo, with hardships that affected both sexes
His mannerisms told me it was time to leave, he had heard enough
To make me a hat that was versatile, all-weather, feminine but tuff

I wore that hat in all seasons and weather for ten years more or less
Before it was stolen right off my head during a crowded rodeo mess
Why did it survive through all the hardships, what’s the reason
Just to be stolen off my head during a fun rodeo season

It was on my head during one bad fire season so frightening
With ambers falling all around, a fire started by fast lightening
So you see those brim burns from embers all a glow
That fell like it was winter and I was caught in the snow

Wasn’t a fashion statement put there for a diva to wear
My hat protected me from burnt, singed, and damaged hair
Those blood stains came from a deep ugly leg gash
It served as a bandaid held on with quick rope lash

The dirt, the manure, even the result of eggs broken
Gave it character, made its story, a real one not a token
You see that custom hat from 100X beaver
Even served in the pickup when I puked from a fever

My hat was stolen off my head, but my mind retains the stories
The thief will never know that hat, with all its boastful glories
A hat is just a hat, a cover without all the glorious tale
Like times it saved my noggin from unexpected hail

Contemplating getting a new flat brimmed 100X beaver hat
Makes me wonder what stories it will have, with brim so flat
Maybe it will make me a better person, a sweet old lady well
You see even all the attributes of 100X, won't hold up in hell
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