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For all the Einstein wannabees

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al

I'm in a devilish mood today. :wink:
Very interesting post. I remember taking this stuff back in High School. I think it will take them more than six months to straighten out whether Einstein is correct or not. Also, if there are distortions in time that could explain why time seems to drag on so much like when I'm shopping with my wife or why it tends to go by faster on the weekend than the weekdays.
What explains why time goes so fast when you're reading and posting here??

I think that most people assume that time is linear. I think that it is not. If you are at work and talk to people about how fast or slow the day seems to be going, most will agree with you. The problem is that the only instrument that we have to measure time is the clock and it would be affected by the time distortion as well. What you would need to do to prove it is send a clock somewhere out into another part of the universe and see if it keeps time the same as here on earth. Of course, the area or size of the time time distortion would dictate how far away that other clock would have to be and you would have to be able to somehow make it materialize there without sending it through normal space because the theory says that will make a difference as to how the clock reacts as well. Of course, maybe you could just reset it once it was in position. Interesting stuff.
Someone once said the smallest increment of time is; "the time between when the traffic light turns green and the car horns behind you start blowing" in New York.

I drove through there once. It was my last.
Just thought of how....send a signal via laser and adjust for the distance with the speed of light factor....

o. k. so i'm not even a candidate for a wannabe......
Sash - How would you know what time to re-set it to?

Well, you'd want it to be the same time as the time zone you are in. Of course there might be a time delay for the signal to reach the clock so you'd have to figure that in along with the gravimetric pulls that the stars and the planets would have on the signal. Probably better just to send a person to set it. I can think of a few that I might be interested in sending. Hat, where are you? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Time is an invention of man.Our time would be irrelevant any where else in this universe. I quess I should say imho.
SASH said:
I can think of a few that I might be interested in sending. Hat, where are you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Really now, why send Hat on such a dangerous mission alone? I think we could set up a whole crew for the voyage across the universe. Each of these suggested crew members would contribute to a successful journey by using their strongest attributes.

Captain : Oldtimer - Greatest qualification is his ability to make astute forecasts with very limited, tunnel vision. This would help avoid fear of the known. :shock:

First Mate : Haymaker - brings an impressive ability to make mistakes made by the crew sound like the best thing that ever happened. Also would reduce the need for carrying extra drinking water. (He'd probably do O.K. on rocket fuel) :gag:

Navigator : Sandhusker - If the gyroscope/ compass/GPS failed, just set this reliable crew member on the dash and he could spin his way through any obstacles or obscurities. :???:

Deckhand : Hat - This crewman will do whatever he is told and repeat/imitate whatever words or behavior he observes in his higher-ups. :kid: :nod:

Need more crew? You get the drift and let your imagination run.

Another secret : These guys believe everything the Boss tells them. You could give them a one-way ticket for this flight and tell them that it's compliments of their favourite org. and they would be sure that it's all they need. Yep, they could conquer the universe. :) :) :lol: :lol:
You must remember though Maple Leaf, this crew would represent the entire "Planet Earth" should they meet any other beings along the way.

You might be better off sending a peaceful crew, some of the girls. :lol: :lol:
I see Macon's added one new forum:the dog & pony show.....well obviously there's need for another one.... THE FAR SIDE...I can think of lots of posts that are way out there!!! :wink:

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