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For Kathy - pentosan polysulphate (PPS) trials urged

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Feb 11, 2005
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Home on the Range, Alberta
I'm happy to see the young man is still hanging on.

There are new drugs which are showing promise in stopping and even reversing prion disease.

So many diseases relate to the misfolding of proteins. Perhaps these researchers will finally speak out and demand co-ordinated efforts. Working in a bubble doesn't help anyone, if you don't let the world know what you are working on.

This young UK man is scientific proof that pentosan sulfate works. What about all the other drugs coming on the market like Fibrillex, and Alzhemed, developed by Neurochem.

Even the Alzheimer's society is supporting advertisements stating that big changes are coming for Alzheimer patients.

Time the bubbles started bursting. We need to stop these diseases before they happen, and/or stop them before they cause too much damage.

I hope these parents from the UK don't stop fighting.

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