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For reader (the second)

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Feb 14, 2005
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Keep up the good work. I know your research is time consuming, but it appears to me that you are more on top of this issue than anyone else in the world. I for one really appreciate your posts.
:) Talked to anyone about testing BSE contaminated Brain material for metal contamination yet reader (the second)? Still searching for truth in the prions in blood and muscle tissue myself with no avail.

Attended a very interesting session with Dr. Dave Warrick last week. A Dentist who writes papers on all types of metal contamination associated brain and central nervous tissue malfunction. This stuff is all far from cutting edge. Age old association to metals and mental disorders. Definate connection to BSE.

Yeh reader(the second) keep up your work. I too appreciate the fact that your personal opinion has become open to suggestion, even though your posts are extremely biased.

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