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For Shortgrass

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Dec 22, 2007
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SW Alberta
It is funny how when you drive down the road you see stuff than reminds you of someone. These guys reminded me of someone I have never met yet look forward to his words of wisdom every Saturday night.

These are for Shortgrass. Good bulls in any colour.


Those ol' girls ought to have a poppin' set of calves. I wonder if Red Angus bulls would work on Char females? Anyone tried it? Black Angus works way better with Ang female. Other way get too many rat tails. Thanks for sending the pics.
We bred our charX heifers red angus for years-they make pretty good feeding steers and the females work good as cows. When I visited Faster Horses in 2009 there were a few hundred red Angus/CharX cows between their place and Miles City they were strung out along the fence-I think they'd just shipped calves off them-they were a great set of good functional ranch cows.

Since the Char cross commercial female is a rather common occurrence in Canada, crossing back to either a Red Angus Or Hereford bull is a routine thing done to keep the hybrid vigor up and to make sure the calves don't get too white. As long as you choose to use say a good Hereford bull on your RA X Char cows or a RA bull with HH X Char cows it works first rate.
If you have the feed the Sim-Angus and other Angus/dual purpose continental cross bulls are becoming more popular as you keep more of the growth and milk found in continental breeds and the pay weight hit at weaning for using a lower growth breed is reduced.
The bulls to be used on these Char cross cows tend to be a higher performance version of the British breeds since the Char cross cow can handle more birth weight.
Neighbors have commercial cattle, mixed females mostly herfs ,maine and RA . Last year he said he finally got the bulls he has wanted to use . He bought 5 really nice Char bulls. When I spoke to him a few weeks ago he said that it was his best calf crop ever, a few pulls but nothing to get excited about as we had a winter from h@ll here so BW were up for everyone who calved early.
Silver Spur sells a Charolais x Red Angus composite bull at their sale, and they are very nice looking bulls. I was really impressed with them, and would think that cross would work very well.
Before you get hard over on crossbred Charolais bulls I would want to look at using some red or black factor bulls to produce purebred bulls and some homozygous red or black 3/4 bulls. Janice Sproule did this at her bull sale and did well on these bulls. The advantage to producing a 3/4 bull is that you can select the cream of the half blood heifer crop from your bull customers and use a homozygous red or black Charolais on them. You can cull hard since you do not have any money in them compared to a purebred.
In Australia percentage Charolais (Shorthorn and Black Angus) bull are well accepted. In fact some breeding programs have started to stabilize the Angus and Shorthorn lines.
In Canada the best known percentage Charolais lines are the U of A Synthetic (Angus, Galloway and Charolais) and the Beef Booster Terminal line (basically a 3/4 Charolais).

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