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For the Norsky's

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UFF DA IS...........
.trying to dance the polka to rock and roll music.
.losing your wad of gum in the chicken yard.
.having Swedish meat balls at a lutefisk supper.
.spending two hours cleaning up my room and mom says, "Uff Da."
.walking downtown and then wondering what you wanted.
.arriving late at a lutefisk supper and getting served minced ham instead.
.looking in the mirror and discovering you're not getting better, you're just getting older.
.having a mouse crawl up your pant leg when you're on a hay load.
.eating hot soup when you've got a runny nose.
.getting out of bed in the morning with a backache.
.getting swished in the face with a cow's wet tail.
.waking yourself up in church with your own snoring.
.forgetting your mother-in-law's first name.
.when two steady girl friends find out about each other.
.noticing non-Norwegians at a church dinner using lefse for a napkin.
..sneezing so hard that your false teeth end up in the bread plate.
.NOT being Norwegian.
Oldtimer....i grew up saying "uff da"....interesting to watch the reactions of people when you say that!!! thanks for the memory!!

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