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Forgive Me Lord

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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Forgive Me Lord
by Faye Fox

"You know, it is all gone forever," she said
With her hands holding her bended head
"Paradise is lost and stripped to the bone
The old days of hardships forever are gone."

"It's funny we never realized those trying hard days
With trials and tribulations that set our eyes a glaze
Were really paradise, we thought some were hell
Now past a point of return, it's all clear as a bell."

"That year of drought with prairie grass low
Vast acres in drought and only sagebrush would grow
Was just the way it was in paradise so grand
Now gone forever, where million dollar houses stand."

"What ranch will be the last of America lost?
The greedy developers never weight the real cost
As they tear up paradise for the money they lust
And lay down more pavement and settle the dust."

"Forgive me Lord for complaining about the harsh time
That was just another day in paradise so sublime
Now lost forever and it's memory now in faded print
Forgive me Lord," she said with her head bent.
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We will pray that whatever it is, you won't have to have more surgery.

I get surgery on my eye March 27. I went in to see about cataract surgery, but I have to have this
other surgery first. Pterygium surgery. It's from not wearing anything to protect my eyes when I was young and outside all day riding horseback, etc. It is bumps on my eye and on the right side is growing into my pupil. It's from not wearing sunglasses or a cap when I was out riding or gardening all day when I was young. The eye surgeon in town is from California and he says it isn't something that is normal for this area, but he's done a lot of them in California. So I feel I am in good hands. I will have to have 3 eye drops 4x a day for a month. Not looking forward to that.

It's the price you pay for getting old, I guess. Never went to the doctor for 50 years and now I feel like I am there WAY too much.

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