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Feb 17, 2005
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have been trying the picture thing ...must need a bigger hammer or something......photobucket album called KAYWARRA
will press on
Been trying ,have followed directions to the letter,no luck yet ,could this be because i use a Macintosh computer?




These are pictures of the first wagyu bull we bred back in 1997, he was 1040kg at 4yrs when we sold him & he is still going strong .This is my first attempt at the photo thingy & these were from a digital video ,my wife has a new digital camera she uses for Iridology (she is a naturopath) so I might be able to sneak it away one day.
Tully :D
ps ignore the fresian cross cattle they are part of my embryo program, the bull in the picture was in with 76 angus heifers ,he got me 74 calves.. a great work ethic :wink:
Looks like you got the picture posting figgered out Tully,good looking stock,what's your weather like over there.I heard the weather in Australia was very similar to Texas.....................good luck
I know next to nothing about the down under but would love to learn - - - please keep posting and show me anything you might find interesting as I'm sure it will help inform several of us. What are your major problems there??? Water, Heat, parisites - - -all of the above???
Thanks Tully for taking the time to figure out the picture thing..
I was impressed with your bull...(to much crocidille dundy for me :wink: ) Sure nice and long...
G'day Haymaker the weather here is probable similar to parts of Texas I am told , though it varies greatly within short distances. Currently it is a very green lush spring,clover a foot deep & hard to walk through (not normal) in about 6 weeks it will be dried right off & we are predicted to have a fairly hot summer ,40c & above ......seems right as we have just had a mild winter.The area I am in is about 400klm north west of Sydney about 3 hours south of the Queensland border ,the climate we have here is very kind in many respects meaning that we can plant a crop of some kind any time of the year if we get sufficient rain,not too extreme & we can calve out for about 8 months of the year dodging December to March to avoid scours.
winter day time temps 60 - 75 f
summer " " " 85 - 110 f
rainfall about 24-26" a year
a heavy frost can get to minus 6-7 c( not sure how to convert that to f) but will burn off by about 9 oclock in the morning & result in a glorious day

we do not have to feed during winter normally or dry lot stock ,no snow/ice to worry about....therefore our costs are probably lower than the northern hemisphere.
Hi Tully nice to seem some good ol Aussie pics, I spent 8 months there in 2002, I wasn't too far from you, I worked 2 months at Egelabra in Warren NSW, and I also worked up near Goondiwindi, and then up at Avon Downs, Just in the Northern Territory. It was a great time, and sure a lot differenc than raising cattle in Canada!!!

Hope you are through with the terrible droughts, we had the drought here in 2002, and this year it has been as wet as ever.

Good luck!!
and i was gonna comment on the good udder on that cow behind your bull!
i had a customer up in CD that was crossing wagyu bulls on simmental cows--the fat cattle were pretty awesome when they killed. i don't know what he's doing now--we're still trying to get the CD imports squared away. :roll: