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Feb 10, 2005
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Any one want some free horses?

A gal my wife works with was moving and wanted to give away 2 mares.

Well my wife thought she would help her out as she was moving well I went and picked them up saturday.Were middle aged Q.H. MARES KID BROKE.tURNED OUT TO BE A 29 YEAR OLD arab AND A 16 year old ARAB that had been foundered walks with a bad limp on the front end.Also turns out the gal was'nt moving just going to visit here dad for a couple of weeks everything she told my wife was a lie.These mares have had kids set on them bare back but DONT saddle them also they NEED to be rode BAREBACK ONLY with a hackamore NO BITS.and need expeirenced riders Hell you cant even ride the one so they are headed to the next horse sale then they are going going gone to the highest bidder.

These mares need to be pampered or put down What I gathered was the reason for getting rid of them is she didnt like paying the bills that went with them feed and farrier.

Doesn't that just piss you right off? All though it was probably for the best that some one took those mares away, people that can not take care of there animals shouldn't have them. I hope things work out for you and you find a good home for them so they dont have to have there heads chopped off!

Good Luck!

Us gal

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